Fly Fishing British Columbia, Canada - Spey Fishing

We offer a variety of spey casting rivers and streams from March to late November. From the mighty Fraser River where even your farthest cast may look insignificant in comparison to the width of the river over medium sized rivers like the Harrison River to some untouched wilderness rivers. You have arrived - in spey fishing paradise.

"Chum salmon on the spey rod".

Spey rods are often rods of choice for fly angler fishing big rivers,  for waters where you have “stuff” in the way behind you such as trees, brush or mountains. We have experienced in the past that single handed anglers with shoulder or arm problems can often switch to spey casting rather than quitting their fly fishing obsession. It`s easier than it looks.

"Our very own certified Spey Casting Instructor Aaron Goodis during a casting lesson at the Fraser River Lodge".

You can use a variety of casts such as a roll cast, spey cast, double spey cast, snap C or snap T cast, just to name a few . Join us on a spey casting adventure or lesson with a certified spey casting instructor for proven results and you may be surprised how "simple" and less exhausting spey casting is compared to single handed casting. Go for it ...

"A king salmon has taken an intruder fly on one of our wilderness rivers".

"A Scotsman, a spey rod and a trophy salmon landed on the fly - life is good".