Fly Fishing British Columbia – Guided Fly Fishing for the Fly Fishing Purist

We live and breathe fly fishing with a passion only a fly purist understands. Our philosophy is simple by asking us the same question each day; how can we best create the "wow effect" while fishing with us? Contact us and we put a custom package together for you.

"Bill Murray fly fishing one of our wilderness rivers - to get away from it all".

We believe that “reading” a guest is of utmost importance in order to under- stand what it takes to completely satisfy his or her fly fishing holiday. “Small things” can make a big difference. Typically we provide everything from SIMMS waders, SIMMS jackets, SIMMS boots to rods, reels and flies of highest quality. Some guests prefer to bring their own equipment. Please do so if you are used to the action of your own rod and please try your own flies, if you prefer.

"A school of wild sockeye salmon in a pool".

You need assistance with your casting or want to be left alone, fishing in solitude, or you want company. We understand your needs and wishes. You will experience total customer service, satisfaction and quality service.

"Stuart Gravzy with one of many bull trout landed and carefully released - a perfect day on the fly".

The waters we guide you are as diversified as our beautiful province of British Columbia. From the mighty Fraser River with salmon runs that seem to be endless in numbers from mid August to mid November to some pristine and remote wilderness river systems year round to lakes, of which some of them are private and offer fantastic trout fishing from May to October. We also offer wilderness lakes that are accessible by helicopter only for trout fishing on the fly with state of the art float tubes where you access every part of the lake quiet and stealth like. Some of those lakes don`t even have a name, so we took it on ourselves to name them.


"Beautiful king salmon on the fly...the smile says it all".

No matter what level your casting skills are – come out with us and enjoy some quality time away from your daily hassle or stress. Sometimes all it takes is a few casts surrounded by our magnificent and breathtaking nature to make you feel your energy come back and rejuvenate. Bring your partner, whether he or she is fishing or not. Nature can be an excellent entertainer, even without fishing (a fly fishing enthusiast may see this different). This is quality time in an environment many people on earth never see and experience - quality time worthwhile spent.