Fly Fishing British Columbia - Still water Fly Fishing in BC

The Fraser Valley is home to over 300 lakes sitting in elevations from 30 feet above sea level to over 6,000 feet, from easy access to helicopter only access.

We offer guided fly fishing adventures on a variety of lakes. While every area of British Columbia has its share of quality fisheries, each lake has its own unique character. The size, depth, species, aquatic environment as well as elevation will vary according to the lake. A myriad of variables can affect your fishing but the observant and diligent fly angler will become proficient at marking the peculiarities of the lakes of BC and therefore maximize his potential for success. Deciding what fly to use at any given time of day, how to fish it and determining how the fish are feeding are all important factors and require practice, persistence, and patience.

Some of our lakes are surrounded by thick forest or are located in rugged mountain terrains. They are only accessible by helicopter. Many of those lakes have no name – perhaps you want to name a lake once you have landed some nice trout and feel like you are the first human to present an artificial fly in this water. It is an amazing feeling to know that nobody has access to those waters unless they have a helicopter and know of the existence of those lakes. In all the years we have had the privilege of guiding guests we have never seen another person at some of the lakes. Give it a try and see for yourself.

We also offer some private lakes where we fly fish for rainbow trout averaging 3 lbs although some were taken over 6 lbs on the fly. Those lakes are in a landscape where you may think you are back in the Wild West. This is Cowboy Country pure that reminds you of the last cattle drive with John Wayne or Kevin Costner, for the guests who don`t remember the good old days.