BC Fly Fishing - Steelhead, Rainbow-, Coastal Cutthroat-, Bull Trout & Char

Fly Fishing British Columbia offers exceptional trout fishing opportunities. Whether you are interested in a day trip, multiple day trips or a complete fly fishing holiday – contact us.

Steelhead Trout

February - May

Our valley offers good steelhead fishing on the fly during the months of February to May on various local rivers as well as in our wilderness areas during the exact same time. We can combine steelhead fly fishing with teaching lessons.


"You can still see the sea lice on this 18 lbs. steel head trout, which was carefully released".

Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Year Round

The Coastal Cutthroat Trout is one of the most beautiful trout species. We target a variety of rivers and streams for the beautiful “cuttie”. Cutthrout Trout are available from August to May, but April to mid May, is PRIME TIME for fly anglers  Those ggressive meat eaters feast on salmon fry,  fish eggs, flesh and a variety of other fly patterns.

"A prime example of a beautiful colored cutthrout trout".

Rainbow Trout

March - November
Whether you prefer to fly fish some wilderness rivers and streams, lakes or private trophy lakes with trout of up to 8 lbs in weight – let us know and we will get you into the best known and most popular trout on the planet - on the fly.

"Wild rainbow trout with a black wooly bugger".

Bull Trout

March to November

Bull Trout are a very aggressive species of trout averaging 2-5 lbs with 15 lbs being our guiding record. Bull Trout love fish eggs. leeches, salmon fry and flesh pattern. There is no question whether you have had a bit or not - Bullies "nail" our flies with a ferociousness that must be experienced.  We wilderness fish for trophy bull trout from June to August.

"Wilderness Bull Trout has taken an egg sucking leech in August".

Dolly Varden Char

March to November

Dolly Varden are very aggressive. They hit your fly hard. The can often be found near salmon spawning grounds. During that time of the year you want to have a variety of egg patterns in your fly box amongst others. We differentiate in between ocean going and residential Dolly Varden. Average size is 1- 4lbs. bigger ones present up to 12 lbs.

"Typical Wilderness Dolly Varden from June 2013".

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