Fly Fishing British Columbia - Guided Fly Fishing for BC Salmon

Salmon Fly Fishing in British Columbia from mid July to mid November is unique. In some years, you will not be able to find a larger number of migrating salmon on the planet.

Chinook Salmon

Mid July- October
Chinook or King Salmon fishing in British Columbia, Canada is spectacular. This ginormous fish is the largest and arguably the strongest of the 5 salmon species. Kings can weigh in at over 60lbs with an average weight of 25 lbs.


Coho Salmon

Mid September - November
The Coho Salmon migrates into our rivers annually. Famous for its clean, silver skin, it has earned the nickname "Silver Salmon" and is one of the most beautiful fish to catch. Best time is October and November on various rivers.




Sockeye Salmon


Sockeye Salmon Fishing on the Fraser River means the largest Sockeye run in the world. Sockeye Salmon fishing on our wilderness river means the largest sockeye salmon in the world by size and weight of over 15 lbs.

Scott sockeye

Chum Salmon

Mid September - November
The Chum, or Dog Salmon, is the most aggressive of all the salmon species. They are a lot of fun on the fly and average 12-16 lbs. with 20 lbs. plus chum landed weekly. Best time is the 2nd week of October until mid November.

Pink Salmon

Mid August - October (Odd years only 2011, 2013, 2015,...)
Pink Salmon is probably the best fish, to get the novice hooked on sports fishing. The Pink Salmon show up in huge runs of up to 20 million fish (2011) every odd year. We expect the next big Pink run by the fall of 2015.

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